Mobile Apps

Afraz has over 10 years of experience developing both iOS & Android Mobile Applications. He has solely developed over 500 full stack applications across several genres, including Games, Utilities, Social Networking, Photo/Video, Navigation, etc. He has also built mobile apps for a variety of small & large businesses.

Database Administration

Being a fullstack developer, Afraz is well versed in architecting, setting up, backing up, migrating, and maintaining Database Environments. He has experience with several platforms including MySQL, Oracle, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and others. Due to his fullstack work with clients, he understands integrating principles like no other.


Alongside developing front end clients and databases, one must have an interface. Afraz has built industry leading Application Programming Interfaces and cloud systems. With a formal concentration in Cloud Computing at Harvard University, Afraz understands the importance of scalability, flexibility, CDNs, load distribution, etc. He has built APIs using PHP, Python, Ruby, and other popular languages.


While Afraz has a true passion for software, calling it "the soul of the machine", he acknowledges the importance of hardware design. He holds a patent in hardware manipulatory design that resulted from his runtime/compile time research. In addition, he is a firm believer in designing beautiful, easy to use, feature rich products.


Realtime Hardware Composition Control

The idea here is to take modular consumer or enterprise grade hardware and get the most out of it. In a world where the advancement of technology is faster than ever, we've reached a plateau where the hardware being produced is not necessary for various applications. This research proposes that hardware be manipulatable on the fly based on end user needs. Taken from the idea of this same flexibility in software delivered over the air, it sets a new standard of operations and rethinks cost effectiveness as well. An example would be a B2B dealing. For example, if Company A produces System X and System Y for sale, they must market and maintain both systems pre and post sale. This technology will legitimize the creation of a streamlined sole product. This deployment strategy will require one sole component of hardware which may come at a cost. But the elimination of unneeded lines of obsolete products cuts cost and increases productivity on the fronts of marketing, support, iteration, and many more. Taking the same company example discussed earlier let's incorporate this technology. If one system is sold it may be increased in performance or altered in available output based on the customer, or in other words the enduser. Filing details will be available soon.

Unsolicited Presence Detection Software (Utility)

In a world where social media is more rampant than ever, pictures and images are truly becoming the digital alter universe where we relive life on a daily. With news, broadcasting, entertainment, and sports being big factors in the use aspect, a big issue being brought to the forefront of the industry is privacy. Companies such as Facebook and Instagram have done amazing things with their tagging features in images to notify people of their involvement. But what about a news copter recording the streets of New York or London? This technology assimilates all these image inputs and outputs through a unified databased of facial images. The saved data has no identification aspects such as names or other information. The usability shines in user privacy or notification. If a video is taken of someone and posted to YouTube; even if the person has no idea of their screentime, they can be notified without any software knowledge needed. The link will be made via recognition technology, info relay systems, and integration through developer APIs. Filing details will be available soon.

Electromagnetic, Polarity, & Mechanical Based Transportation

Transportation has been a problem in humankind since day one. The major solutions which stand in the world today are mass transit and private means. The automobile industry has had great improvements such as the dawn of electric vehicles and leads taken by firms like Tesla Motors. This technology poses a new form of driving in individual cars. Traditionally in electric cars the battery is used to deliver the power. This research proposes to capture the most powerful natural force on this planet, gravity and forces of attraction. Instead of using electricity to power the car, one can use it to control strategically mounted magnet caps or to send power to respective units. Dependent on positioning and push/pull applied it will propell the machine. This will increase things like range, speed, and even performance significantly due to less input needed to attain high outputs. Filing details will be available soon.