With a degree in Mangement, Afraz has a firm grasp on Business Operations, Human Resource Management, & Financial Management. He has worked with several organizations, large & small, to develop their business. Stemming from Afraz's holistic approach, all the firms that he has gotten involved with, have seen improvements in a variety of areas.


Having experience with many of his own startups & marketing, Afraz works with individuals and organizations to foster viral growth. Understanding that customer and user growth is imperative to success, Afraz designs a custom plan for reaching milestones that encompasses, acquisition costs, budgets, HR capacity, multi-option procedures, and much more.


As a result of a high demand of Afraz serving in Advisory Roles across multiple industries, he has formalized his advisory & leadership roles with a full fledged consultancy. His main areas, as advertised by his firm, focus in IoT, Innovative Business, Health Administration, & Mobile Technologies. Working with large and small companies alike, his clients appreciate anonymity and discretion.


Afraz has always been a selfstarter and an initiative oriented individual. Stemming from his natural drive are many startups. Afraz is proud of each of his endeavors, despite not all of them reaching an exit. He believes "failures and the epitomes of learning experiences" and that they are far more beneficial to one than a lucky exit. He enjoys industry disrupting technologies that bring great value to consumers.

Afraz, along with a classmate, founded QuickQast as a freshman undergraudate student. The startup, centered around a mobile app, grew steadily to an eventual exit. Built on the premise of anonymous media sharing for the purpose of organic news, the platform was embraced by many for it's genuine content design.