Afraz Siddiqui is a passionate technologist & recent graduate of Harvard University. Afraz graduated from Harvard with a Masters in Computer Science & Information Management Systems with High Honors. Prior, he completed his Bachelors in Management, receiving a Minor in Entrepreneurship & Concentration in Health Science. Afraz has been a fullstack programmer for 10+ years with language expertise in C, Java, PHP, Objective-C, and many others. His passion for innovation and progress is exemplified through his successful startup exit, organization advisory roles, and commitment to greater causes.


Afraz receiving Top Business Student Award, University of New Haven
  • 10 years experience developing iOS, Web, Backend Technologies (Objective-C, PHP, MYSQL, AJAX, etc.)

  • Successful startup exit in 2016 to publicly traded tech giant

  • Business, Management, Computer Science, & Health Science Educated

  • Repeated award recipient in the areas of Leadership, Business Development, & Software

  • Interdisciplinary philosophy encompassing community service & philanthropy for bigger picture goals

"Afraz exemplifies the ideal characteristics of a co-worker. Afraz is a talented coder, but that ability is just a component of what makes him a skilled software engineer. His ability to simplify tasks, plan efficient roadmaps to achieve objectives, and explain his thought process and coding practices in a coherent manner is what makes him a step above other programmers. His coding ability in conjunction with his non-technical capabilities and business understanding makes him unique in the industry especially for someone of his age."

- Tyler Nathan, CEO, RiVE Technologies


Harvard University
Masters, Computer Science

Attended with special focuses in Cloud Computing, Mobile Technologies, & Agile Development.

Member, Tech Club: Integrating cutting edge software and hardware with worldclass leadership through Harvard Business School.

Member, InciteHealth: Fostering innovation in the area of Primary Care & other specialties through Harvard Medical School.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Certificate, Internet of Things

Realized the value created by coordinating and leveraging the data from connected devices - 5G.

Learned how to develop and implement my own IoT technologies, solutions, and applications for longterm deployment.

Examined developments that will shape the industrial landscape in the near future in many areas such as manufacturing and others.

University of New Haven
Bachelors, Management

Recipient of Distinguished Scholar Award, Top Business Student Award, and other accolades.

Learned priceless values through community service, philanthropy, internships, and mentorship over the course of 3 years at this institution.

Served in various capacities in many campus organizations, such as the President of the university's Bike Club.

"A management major and entrepreneurship minor, is the epitome of perseverance, He was offered a position as a programmer at the fast-growing social media network, which he has turned down in order to pursue a Master’s degree at Harvard."

- Steven Kaplan, President, University of New Haven


Microsoft Logo

Microsoft, Software Engineering

Capital One logo

Capital One, Principal

ASN Digital logo

ASN Digital, Partner

RiVE Technologies, Senior iOS Engineer

Discover Hawaii Tours, Senior iOS Engineer / Advisor

Airsupply Jeyco, Senior Web & iOS Engineer / Advisor

Yale New Haven Hospital, Researcher

QuickQast (acquired), Founder / Lead Engineer

Top Healthcare Networks, Senior iOS Engineer / Technical Project Manager

For more information about past experiences & scope of work, please contact Afraz Siddiqui.

"The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do."

- Steve Jobs, Founder, Apple


With a life/work interdisciplinary philosophy, Afraz believes in more than just engineering or writing business plans. When Afraz isn't working, you will find doing him any of the following.

  • Fitness: Afraz values fitness greatly as in today's society, it is the secondary priority to the majority. Working in an area that requires one to sit in front of computers for extended periods of time, fitness and health are vital

  • Spending Time With Family & Friends: When all is said & done, it is the people in our lives that are the orbital points. For this reason, Afraz makes sure to budget time for people in his life

  • Traveling: Afraz believes in having a very open mind and exposure to a plethora of cultures. This is crucial to the areas of diversity, inclusion, and perspectives

  • Reading: Afraz, with a natural hunger for knowledge, will often be found buried in a book about aeronautics, machine learning, or practically anything else